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New 1/2 Linpack benchmark for Pocket PC Measure CPU performance in MFlops
How does your PDA compare to Top 500 Supercomputers and machines of yesteryear?

Ivolva Digital mission is industrial-strength software development. Our interests run the gamut of basic research, packaged software, custom solutions and occasional consulting. The principal at Ivolva Digital is Oleg Ivanov, PhD.

Over 30 years of his career, Oleg has been involved in basic research in pure mathematics (investigating Banach algebras and quasiconformal mappings), running IT department at a scientific institution, setting up one of early Internet nodes in Ukraine, development of software for heavy industries of USSR and Ukraine and 8 years of software development at Microsoft working on Windows, COM+, IIS and ASP.NET products.

For the May / June / July timeframe the focus is on beta testing SQL Server 2005. In the coming weeks, look for some articles about interesting features in this exciting new product.

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